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Jim McWhirter, one of the most trusted retirement
experts in Oklahoma, is a:

  1. Registered Designer

  2. Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist

  3. Certified Adult Age Specialist in Housing

  4. Universal Design Specialist

  5. Seniors Real Estate Specialist

    No matter what you are considering, Jim leads a team of highly trained professionals to assist you with all of your renovation, building or real estate needs. Call us today at (405) 737-9039.


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    When my father passed away, I began the difficult process of searching for a new place for my mom to live. I wanted to make sure her needs were met and feel certain she never felt alone. We couldn’t find any one location throughout the area that was good enough for my mother, so I designed and built Wellington Parke.

    Beginning the search for senior lifestyle options can seem like an overwhelming task. We want to meet with you and explain what services we have that can help you in your home or ours.

    May God bless you as you seek what’s right for you and your loved ones.


Jim McWhirter

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“About Your Retirement”

For over 6 years, Jim has been offering valuable information every Sunday morning about Retirement, Aging-in-Place, Universal Design, and Real Estate for maturing Oklahoman’s and Baby Boomers on
News 9’s “About Your Retirement”.

Renovating Your Home for:

Easy Living & Aging-in-Place

  1. Easy Access

  2. Easy Passage

  3. Easy Use

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